John Emanuel

John Emmanuel is a results-obsessed relationship blogger and founder of Top Love Hacks, dedicated to helping you level up your dating and relationship game by motivating you to be in control of your love life.

7 Weird Traits That Make Most Men Unattractive
Avoiding them might eventually make your dating life better than theirs 

Explore the 7 surprising traits that diminish male attractiveness. Avoid these pitfalls and learn how to enhance your appeal effortlessly. I might not know you on a personal level but I do know a few things about you. Firstly, I know that you don’t deserve to be struggling so heavily with dating that it seems…

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7 Things Every Great Relationship Has At All Times
#4 Unrestricted and courageous openness

What is a relationship about? Explore our insightful article to uncover the 7 essential elements that every great relationship possesses. Gain valuable insights and enhance your understanding of what makes relationships thrive. I might not know you personally, but I do know that you also deserve a healthy, satisfying, and happy relationship. I know you’re…

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5 Changes to Escape Mediocrity In Your Love Life
Small changes can have the most magical impacts

If you’re tired of settling for a mediocre relationship, read on to find out how to improve your love life today. We often think that healthy and great relationships come with huge and extraordinary endeavors of commitment — things like effective communication, trust, and honesty. Apart from all those big acts of commitment we might…

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