So you wish your relationship and love life is everything but messy and mediocre. (Since there ain’t no such thing as a perfect one.)

But that’s all you’ve got. Just wishes.
And love is said to be beyond every imagination.

You’re overwhelmed and even swimming in a pool of uncertainty and anxiety about what might become of your love life. Hence, the need to be in control of your love life.

To be in control of your love life actually means you can easily navigate from meeting dating prospects to having amazing and fulfilling love life.

It means you’ve got all it takes to deal with a cheating partner, toxic partner, narcissistic partner, unrequited love, and so on.

It means, you are the engineer of your relationships, you know what to do when the flame of love is going off, you know exactly what to do when the relationship is retarding, and above all you know the amount of “shit” you can take and when to use the door out of the relationship if you get played like a lifeless ball.

I’m not stopping there:

It also means that you are a Ph.D. holder in matters of the heart!

The truth is:

To be in control of your love life can be compared to a master-class footballer who has the ball glued to his body and away from his opponent. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Being in control of your love life is one of the most rewarding things one can ever achieve but it doesn’t happen overnight. However, with the wrong approach, it won’t happen at all.

That’s why love hackers know what they want to achieve, and how to find the right strategies to get there.

They’re goal-getters who can’t afford to waste their precious time running down paths that turn out to be dead ends.

Every single minute they spend on the betterment of their love lives has to move them toward their end goal.

Even if they don’t have the answer to their most troubling questions, they know where to find it.

This blog is for those people.

This blog is for you because you’re one of these love hackers.

Top Love Hacks: Get In Control Of Your Love Life

Top Love Hacks is an award-winning online platform dedicated to love hackers who wish to get in control of their love life, those who wish to learn and understand the little nuances of the heart, people who wish to better their love life, people who want to be experts in the matters of the heart.

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Top Love Hacks is about being intentional with your relationship struggles and always keeping one eye on achieving your dreams.

It’s for people who know that life without love, affection, and passion is like food that is tasteless and difficult to consume.

Top Love Hacks combines practical, strategy-infused relationship advice with a healthy dose of inspiration to keep you going when things get tough (and they will get tough.)

But don’t worry…

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John Emmanuel Founder Of Top Love Hacks
John Emmanuel Founder Of Top Love Hacks

John Emmanuel is a results-obsessed relationship blogger dedicated to helping you level up your dating and relationship game by motivating you to be in control of your love life.

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