7 Really Small Things that Will Tell if You’re with the Right Person
This will reveal whether your partner truly love you.

Wish to learn how to know if someone is the right fit for you? Read on to uncover the secret indicators with these 7 subtle signs that reveal compatibility.

How to know if someone is right for you? Read on to find out.
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Learning how to tell whether someone is right for you or not Is a super handy skill I think everyone should possess when it comes to relationships.

Because paying attention can reveal a huge amount of information about a prospective partner or partner.

And the truth is, It’s not a straightforward process because everyone has bad days. 

However, being aware of these few signs will help you determine whether a partner is right for you or not.

Whenever I’m in a relationship, I look for these seven small things in my partner to figure out who they are.

1. How they react under pressure

The way your partner responds to challenges, agitation, frustration, and other issues. tells you pretty much everything you need to know about them.

Why? Because being able to comfort your partner in these conditions indicates that your relationship is heading in the right direction.

You’ll know you’re with the right person if you can help them cope with their stress or if you both can do so. 

Because healthy relationships involve keeping each other’s perspectives in check and putting in effort and coming up with reasonable and useful solutions to solve problems.

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2. How they respond to your interest

People often point out that the best relationships are the ones in which both partners are comfortable with each other interests. 

It’s shocking to find out how rare it is for people to have such a relationship.

That’s why you’re considered to be with the right partner if they’re always compatible with your interest. 

Hence, you’re with the right person or in a healthy relationship when both you and your partner are compatible with each other interests.

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3. How they care for others.

If your partner is being so kind and considerate, you should check if they share that same compassion for others. 

Because some people frequently pretend to be very nice when trying to impress a potential date even when they are not.

Therefore, if your partner behaves differently when they are not with you, it may cause some discomfort or a disconnect when you need them most.

But if you frequently encounter issues that call for care, whether they are mental or physical, and your partner responds by making you feel safe and secure, then you are probably dating the right person.

Because the right partner will always reassure, look out for, and give their partner a sense of security.

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4. Sexual and emotional connection

I once overheard two couples talking about the real chemistry of satisfying one another’s sexual desires while I was in a pub.

The fact that both partners enjoy each other’s “flavor” made them happy.

Why? Because it ensures that both partners are on the same page at both sexual and emotional levels because of healthy sexual communication.

Even though this is a low-key scenario, it serves as a reminder that both parties should make an effort to fulfill and satisfy one another to be in a healthy and satisfying relationship.

And if your partner makes an effort to listen to you and communicate with you so that you can have a satisfying sexual experience, he is probably the right one for you.

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5. Their relationship patterns

Most relationships with beautiful love stories didn’t stand the test of time because both partners have relationship expectations which are the big reasons for their brake away.

I’m not saying that having relationship expectations is bad because it clearly shows how much you value yourself and how much you want to be respected and cared for.

But having unrealistic relationship expectations is the deal breaker for every relationship.

Because, just as you want to be loved for who you are, flaws and all, so does your partner.

It all comes down to this…

If your partner is not putting pressure on where the relationship is going and simply loving you for who you are, they are probably the one for you.

That’s why true love entails not only loving your partner but also understanding that your partner is a separate person with separate strengths and weaknesses, and loving them for who they are not what want them to be.

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6. How do they accept responsibility for their mistakes

Do you have to work on your emotions whenever your partner wrongs you, or do they accept responsibility for their mistakes for your relationship to grow?

And when you can answer this question, you can get a sense of whether or not they accept responsibility for their mistakes.

And if your partner is self-aware enough to hold themselves accountable for their mistakes, they are most likely the right partner for you.

Because not everyone is willing to accept their own mistakes in relationships.

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7. How they argue.

Nobody wants to argue or fight, but the truth is that it’s inevitable when two people from different backgrounds live together as couples. 

And if your partner is so bent on winning arguments and being right, then you’re in a toxic relationship. 

Because it’s impossible to enjoy the kind of relationship where fights or arguments have more positive than negative impacts.

But if your partner is considerate of your feeling when you both have little disagreement or fight then you’re with the right partner.

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